Development of mobile app solutions is the lifeblood of Hyper5, we provide the most desirable, highly responsive designs that fully integrate the latest and greatest functionalities. 

If you’d like to reach the billions of active Android users around the world we can build your app for multiple devices from the ground up. 

Likewise, we’re able to help you achieve your goals in establishing a presence on all Apple platforms, we provide native application development in Objective-C and Swift.

Native Apps

Our team has a plethora of experience in building apps which have been specifically written in native platform languages, for example Java or Kotlin for native Android coding. This allows for our applications to run at an optimal level on the desired operating system. 

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Maximum levels of performance
  • Unmatched UX
  • Improved security

iOS App Development

To create iOS applications, we at Hyper5 always endeavour to bring clients the best code combined with the most fluid development processes to ensure results which exceed both the expectations of you and your clients. 

Cutting Edge UI & UX

The development of any successful app is bound in providing users with an intuitive seamless experience, which features all the functionality they expect whilst also solving any user challenges. 

Hyper5 specialises in developing cutting edge UI/UX which will satisfy all the requirements of your business, encouraging increased user engagement and brand growth.   

The interfaces we design are unparalleled in their appeal, our front-end developers always adhere to the premise that all our code is optimized to work across multiple devices, without sacrificing quality. 

Android Support

We at Hyper5 pride ourselves on our thorough aftercare, maintaining your beloved application is as important as development. Once live, the application is the public face of your business and as such we’re happy to modify content, resolve technical issues, provide updates on performance and suggest new additions. 

  • Application Testing
  • Performance monitoring
  • Content / data updates
  • Efficiency evaluation


Complementing the world-class development solutions we’re known for are a wide variety of services which contribute to the production of a fully-realised, working and scalable product.

  • Business analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Project Management